Bangkok Post Reviews Lotus Evora in Thailand

The Bangkok Post has a video posted on their site of the Lotus Evora on Thai roads. The Evora is probably the coolest Lotus in the last 10 years.

Although all the "reviewer" does is confirm that it is a Lotus, and that the steering wheel, and other aspects of the car are "well... very Lotus", I'm posting this because I love the noise this Toyota V6 makes, when they eventually allow us to listen to it towards the end of the "review".

A few other points. The car costs a hefty THB 8.9 million. (Rent one for a day and use the rest of the money to build 5 or 6 orphanages.) Also, I know I keep ragging on about this, and usually it's directed at the Bangkok Post, but how does he know what the car handles like at 200km/h? The limits on those roads he's on is 90 km/h. And even if he opened the car up on the Toll Roads, or express way, the maximum there is 120 km/h!

Which leads on to he most significant point, or rather the lack of a significant point to this car. The car is pointless in Thailand. Apart from the fact that it costs way too much (186,000 Euro), and that all that power will probably lead to a swift death, or a lot of speeding tickets, and the fact that Thai road surfaces do not lend themselves to super cars, well... just look at the last few seconds of the video. There are four seats, but there might as well not be.

However, there are some excellent things about this car, should you not live in Thailand. You see, if you happen to live in Europe or the US, the car will cost 1/3 the price. In other words, you could buy 3 of them in Europe, or just one in Thailand for the same money! Please buy them in Europe, so you can share! Or you could buy one in Europe, and have enough change to buy a house. And yes, that European price is assuming you have ticked all the options boxes while booking the car. A base 2 seater Evora car is just THB 2.5 million. So, remembering that we're still talking about the European market, now the car is more interesting.

Next, the engine. It's a DOHC VVT-i V6, right out of the 3.5 litre Camry, and it produces a mere 276 hp. That's not a lot for a car trying to compete with Porches! But, Lotus have managed to make the Evora very light, thanks to its modular lightweight bonded aluminium structure, and at just 1,380kg, it has a decent power-to-weight ratio. This allows the car to get for 0-60 in under 5 seconds, and the 6-speed manual transmission allows the engine to push the car past 261km/h. Nothing special, but more than enough to break the speed limit, if you're a Bangkok Post "reviewer guy".

Fuel consumption is actually decent too, with a possible 8.7l/100km achievable assuming you have a light right foot. Then there is the fact that the Engine is a Toyota unit, so it's very refined, and virtually bullet proof. And it won't cost an arm and a leg to maintain.

So, assuming you don't live in Thailand, this is actually starting to look like a pretty sensible car. But wherever you are, it's pretty.

Lotus Evora