5th Generation Honda City : Spied in India

City Front

Apparently, the 2009 Honda City has been scooped testing in India. If these images are representative of the new fifth generation City, then it is a big departure from the current model.

The scooped images give us a pretty decent idea of what we can expect when the 2009 City reaches Thailand later this year.

The fourth generation City - currently on sale in Thailand - is based on the 1st gen Jazz platform, and shares many parts of the Jazz, including doors, door mirrors, interior trim.There are obvious notable differences between the Jazz and City, but the City always looked a bit awkward/ugly, thanks mostly to having a large boot overhanging the back.

That's what happens when you take a hatchback like the Jazz and try to turn it into a sedan.

This time, although the fifth generation City is expected to be based on the same platform as the 2nd generation Jazz, it is also looking much more like it has been designed to be very much a unique car.

2009 City Rear

The image below is an artists impression, and seems to come from AutoCar. This helps to give a clearer idea.

2009 Honda City Image

From the image below you can see part of the dash inside, and it is obviously completely different to the Jazz.

2009 Honda City side

If this really is the City, then it is much more its own car. These artist renderings seem to come from the cover of AutoCar. And if they are close to the real deal, then Honda looks set to have another winner on its hands.

2009 Honda City image

The 2nd generation Honda Jazz is a definite hit in Thailand, and Honda is enjoying success from what is a very fresh looking model line up.

The fifth generation City is expected to arrive in Thailand later this year. Some reports suggest that we could be seeing Honda's new baby sedan as early as September.


Update (9-Aug-2008) : 2009 Honda City in September - Details