2008 Honda Accord Test Drive Review - Poem

Test drive reports are really not all that useful. I would never buy a car simply because I read a review from someone who thought the car was great. Yet sometimes it is useful to read other opinions to help us form our own thoughts more completely, and make well rounded decisions.

In the past I'd avoided testing cars, but since I'm currently looking around for a car myself, I might as well present some of my opinions here, as they might be of some help. But to make this one a little more interesting (or even less useful) I would like to present it in the form of a poem.

2008 Honda Accord

Lydia, this one's for you

The Accord I can't Afford

But wouldn't want anyway - by peter

Last week I went to test a car,
To walk to the dealer was not far,
Honda have them everywhere.
Locations are picked with great care.

Testing new cars is always fun,
Doesn’t really matter how they run,
Just to hear the engine roar,
Then go home and give it a score.

Today the subject was to be,
A car that is out of reach for me:
Honda’s new 2008 Accord,
Is not a car I can afford.

But let me tell you how I feel,
After a short stint behind the wheel.
My conclusions might surprise you,
so you feel disappointed, much like I do.

The car I tested was a 2.4 top model,
A car that was made to molly coddle,
with features that you just don’t need,
and an engine that allows you to speed.

But you still have to turn the key
To make it start, which should not be.
Even Vios has a button that you press,
That makes it start with zero stress.

But Honda didn’t bother with this,
And it’s not a feature I would miss.
But when you shell out this much baht,
You’d really think they’d include that.

Driving out onto the road,
I start to notice the steering load,
It changes as you change your speed,
but the timings can be hard to read.

The engine pulls away with ease,
neat controls make driving a breeze,
Visibility is also very good,
spoiled only by a bulging hood.

Push down hard on the accelerator,
And the engine sound is a little greater,
Slightly raspy note to the engine noise,
Unexpected from these expensive toys.

As we continued on our way,
I noticed something that made me say:
“What is that noise, that squeaky sound?”
I raised my brow and looked around.

The squeak was coming from the dash,
I was tempted to give it a bash,
But I didn’t give it a slappin’,
The bumpy road surface made it happen.

The bumpy road is common too,
and there is nothing you can do,
to avoid the bumps and undulation,
they’re all across this Thailand nation.

And this is where things get annoying,
A fault which stops me from enjoying,
This Accord which aims for luxury,
but can’t sit still and is too bouncy.

Not that this car is all bad,
but I do feel a little sad,
That Honda didn’t make it great,
And make the new car worth the wait.

If you offered this car to me,
I’d rather go for the Camry,
Of course it has it’s problems too,
But the choice in the end is up to you.